Katoh Guitars

About Katoh Guitars

Katoh Guitars are exclusively built for Australian players by a company with over thirty years experience in building high quality, hand crafted classical guitars. Katoh has developed a reputation in the Australian market as the benchmark for excellence in value and performance.

There are three intrinsic elements at the heart of producing a Katoh guitar.  It begins with highly skilled luthiers that have a minimum 15 years experiance, building in an enviroment that meet the highest standards in the industry and utilising advanced manufacturing technology.

Premium materials are essential to the finish of fine-quality acoustic instruments. The method of drying and seasoning timbers focusses on quality rather than speed, resulting in optimal tone and life from each Katoh guitar.  The end result is evident in models such as the MSCC14; unique in appearance, with superb attention to detail in the fine lines and joins, and fullfilling all levels of performance demands.

Those seeking a more traditional feel of guitar will find many options featuring solid tops, backs, professional quality pre-amps, all finely hand crafted to deliver all the Katoh guitar elements together, in your hands.